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Best Paid android Games

Temple Run

Finally, Temple Run is available for Android! It has been on the iOS since early 2011, so it’s about time. The game is relatively simple. Having trespassed on ancient ruins, you are now attempting to escape a flock of evil monkeys. In order to survive, you must swipe the screen down, up, right, and left because the best paid android games is so simple and has responsive controls, it is extremely fun to play.


Best Android Games

Whenever you slide downwards, you already have an instinctive feeling for how far you’ll be going. Its precise and responsive controls are definitely what makes it worth playing.

Air Attack HD I

When taking looks into consideration, Air Attack may probably be the best game for Android yet. Looking a lot like its ancestor; Space Invaders, it is a top-down arcade shooter that has a vibrant moving background. The controls are very simple and responsive. All you need to do is put your finger on the screen in order to swerve around enemies and destroy them. Although the game isn’t innovative, it is extremely refined, making the experience downright enjoyable. Although the first part of the game is absolutely free, you’ll have to buy part II for $2.


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